Elinchrom EL 10291.1 Ranger Quadra Kit with 1 Ranger Quadra Power Pack, 2 Batteries, 2 A Heads, 2 Reflectors, 1 Skyport Transmitter, Hard Shell Case, Cables and Charger

  • Extremely small and powerful system.
  • LED modeling light saves battery power.
  • Fast recycling times.
  • Complete kit with extra battery.

This Kit consists of 1 Ranger Quadra, 2 batteries, 2 “A” heads, 2 reflectors, 1 Skyport Transmitter, hard shell case, cables, charger. The Quadra is a compact, lightweight “mini-Ranger” with a lot of modern features. Not only are Quadra’s small and lightweight, they are also powerful and fast. Quadra’s have a power range of 8.2 to 400ws and support two asymmetric heads. Lightning fast recycle times and Elinchrom’s shortest flash duration helps make for an unbeatable package. Built-in Skyport Triggering can completely control the Quadra, when using a Skyport transmitter, including power up and down and turning on/off modeling light. When using Quadra’s in optical slave mode with cameras or pocket flashes with a pre-flash, users can program the number of preflashes or have the pack automatically program itself based on a test shot. Power can be modified from the traditional 1/10 step increments to any 1/20, 1/30, … 1/90, 1 stop increments. New heads have specially been designed for this system too. These new heads are about the same size as popular tilt-head flashes on the market today but much more powerful. Their small size means the photographer will be able to mount them just about anywhere. In fact, these heads are so small and lightweight they can be mounted using a Manfrotto 175 spring clamp. Imagine being able to mount this 400ws flash on a window sill, lamp, door frame, edge of a desk or even on the back of a chair. The Quadra “A” heads feature a programmable On/Off LED Modeling Light that can be programmed to stay on from 15 seconds to 1 minute, or constantly on. Recycling times are extremely quick, assuring your flash is ready when you need it. This is the perfect kit for your photographic needs.


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