5D Mk2 – The Cannon SLR Digital Camera For Me

July 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

There are loads of reasons why the 5D Mk2 is the ideal choice if you’re planning on getting a Cannon SLR Digital Camera. The auto focus system is accurate and very fast when used on single-shot mode, the auto-exposure system is also very accurate and sets just the right camera settings. But before we gush on and on about how great a camera the Canon 5D Mk2 is, let’s first break down the camera’s basic features.The 21-megapixel 5D Mk2 has a 3-inch LCD screen that is capable of displaying over 900,000 pixels of different colors. The LCD on this baby is probably on of the best ones you’ll ever find on a digital SLR camera. The Live View feature is also extremely helpful for critical focusing, however, you can only use it for a certain period of time because it drains the camera’s battery. Using the Live View for too long will also cause the CMOS circuitry to heat up, which in turn adds noise to the shots you take.

The Canon 5d Mk2 comes with an optional BG-E6 battery grip which makes it easier to hold the camera. The battery grip can simultaneously accommodate six AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries and two Canon lithium batteries. The 5d Mk2 is also capable of shooting video clips and short movies. However, user reviews say that the video mode doesn’t have customizable settings for ISO, iris, or shutter speed. The only setting you can tweak in video mode is the color temperature. Some users also complain that the LCD doesn’t display on-screen indicators to show the current camera settings.There is, however, an exposure lock button which will fix the camera’s settings to whatever condition is displayed on the LCD at the exact time you press the lock button. So what you basically do is you pan the 5d Mk2 around the view and location, and when you find a good setting for brightness, color, and exposure, you press the exposure lock button. The downside is that the exposure lock is reset after every shot or scene, giving you inconsistent exposures if you have multiple takes.

The Canon 5d Mk2 shoots at 30 frames per second, and not 29.97. The 0.03 difference in fps means you have to use a program (like Apple Cinema Tools) to change the header of each file before you can edit your footage to the normal 29.97 fps, 1080i or 1080p timeline. But if you’re only shooting videos for high-quality release on the web, the 30 fps shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, the 5d Mk2 is a good choice for a Cannon SLR digital camera. But if you will use it mainly to shoot videos, you might want to rethink getting a model that operates on 29.97 fps instead.


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