Goop Hand Cleaner, Laundry Stain Lifter, 14 Ounce

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Goop. Cleans the grimiest hands. Contains lanolin coupled with U.S.P. grade glycerin. Softens red, badly roughened hands. Can be used to clean leather, vinyl, canvas, tile, woodwork, and floor scuff. It is also an excellent stain remover for rugs, upholstery, and washable clothing.
No. 59: 10.5 oz. tube
No. 12: 14 oz. can
No. 23: 3 lb. can
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Keystone Steel Wire 78706 Poultry Netting 2

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Highlights: Size: 24″ x 50′ 2″ hex mesh Constructed of 20 gauge galvanized steel Used in building poultry pens or small pest barriers Reverse twist makes handling easier as it unrolls flat Uniform hexagon mesh reinforced with horizontal wires for strength
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Nature’s Way Primadophilus Optima Max Potency 100 Billion Vegetarian Capsules, 30 Count

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Max potency probiotics with 100 billion CFUs and 10 strains of bifidobacteria & lactobacilli. The Primadophilus brand is backed by an unparalleled True GuaranteeTM that ensures consistent purity, potency and intestinal delivery.
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Maintaining Security For Websites on Host Servers

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Web hosting is one the most vulnerable areas on the web to hackers and virus attacks. There are innumerable number of hosts, who offer free web space for small websites. These being free are not effectively monitored, and dubious elements set up their malicious sites that affect web traffic and data security. A majority of “phishing” sites operate in this manner. Hosts offering free web space must have security checks to discourage such sites from setting up base. Besides, affecting the traffic flow, search engines label the servers hosting such sites, as suspicious and prevent free flow of data.Virtualization has been the latest concept to take the hosting industry by storm. The idea to spread out computing load over a vast array of servers is indeed logical and full of potential. However, for individual servers, there is a management tool that is present on the hosting server. It has the ability to control processes and key settings on each of the virtual servers. An attack directed to this management layer can compromise the data and performance of all the virtual machines, it controls. Hence, it becomes necessary to prevent stack overflow on the host operating system and each of the guest systems. Vital procedures like copying or creating a virtual machine and changing configuration files should be restricted to the management application.Another area of risk is grant of administrative access. The management and guest operating systems have super user accounts known as root accounts, to provide uncontrolled access. The risk is higher, when these accounts are known to many administrators, who need privileged access to the server. The host operating system can be manipulated to copy the virtual machines. Also, audit logging feature can be tampered with by unscrupulous elements. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard requires that administrators should use unique IDs to access confidential information.Host servers that provide virtualized service have accounts and have access to all virtual sessions that take place. This lays open the private information for these account holders. Hence, it is necessary to avoid use of shared accounts on host and client systems. Also, the accessibility should be restricted to areas, which are of prime concern to each. There should be a clear segregation between access rights to host server and virtual servers.Securing Windows Server 2008 configured for Hyper-V role is important because the integrity of each client system depends on that of the host. Operating Hyper-V with Server Core installation present in Windows Server 2008 improves security. Server Core installation lacks the Explorer shell, applications, and services that act, as a target for attack. Incorporating an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) can help to secure the server to a great extent. Tools like MySQL can be used by dubious users to pry open loopholes in the system. Information can be used by clients that connect to the server, to gain access in ways that are not normally intended. Accounts that allow anonymous access or theft of passwords can open up the system to attacks.For systems running Linux, there are simple methods to minimize security lapses. Using the minimum number of services that are necessary is advisable. Firewalls can be setup to secure against attacks that are based on default-reject protocols. There should be a clear and minimum number of services that are operated across the network. Security can be also enhanced by improvement in daily operations. Instead of using the normally accepted ports, like common port of 22, one can use other ports to run applications. These are found to be equally efficient in functions.

Lund | 18037 | 97 | Dodge | Grand Caravan | ES | Bug Deflectors

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Lund continues to be a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad line of appearance accessories for new and used light trucks, including sport utility vehicles, minivans and other vans.
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5D Mk2 – The Cannon SLR Digital Camera For Me

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There are loads of reasons why the 5D Mk2 is the ideal choice if you’re planning on getting a Cannon SLR Digital Camera. The auto focus system is accurate and very fast when used on single-shot mode, the auto-exposure system is also very accurate and sets just the right camera settings. But before we gush on and on about how great a camera the Canon 5D Mk2 is, let’s first break down the camera’s basic features.The 21-megapixel 5D Mk2 has a 3-inch LCD screen that is capable of displaying over 900,000 pixels of different colors. The LCD on this baby is probably on of the best ones you’ll ever find on a digital SLR camera. The Live View feature is also extremely helpful for critical focusing, however, you can only use it for a certain period of time because it drains the camera’s battery. Using the Live View for too long will also cause the CMOS circuitry to heat up, which in turn adds noise to the shots you take.

The Canon 5d Mk2 comes with an optional BG-E6 battery grip which makes it easier to hold the camera. The battery grip can simultaneously accommodate six AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries and two Canon lithium batteries. The 5d Mk2 is also capable of shooting video clips and short movies. However, user reviews say that the video mode doesn’t have customizable settings for ISO, iris, or shutter speed. The only setting you can tweak in video mode is the color temperature. Some users also complain that the LCD doesn’t display on-screen indicators to show the current camera settings.There is, however, an exposure lock button which will fix the camera’s settings to whatever condition is displayed on the LCD at the exact time you press the lock button. So what you basically do is you pan the 5d Mk2 around the view and location, and when you find a good setting for brightness, color, and exposure, you press the exposure lock button. The downside is that the exposure lock is reset after every shot or scene, giving you inconsistent exposures if you have multiple takes.

The Canon 5d Mk2 shoots at 30 frames per second, and not 29.97. The 0.03 difference in fps means you have to use a program (like Apple Cinema Tools) to change the header of each file before you can edit your footage to the normal 29.97 fps, 1080i or 1080p timeline. But if you’re only shooting videos for high-quality release on the web, the 30 fps shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, the 5d Mk2 is a good choice for a Cannon SLR digital camera. But if you will use it mainly to shoot videos, you might want to rethink getting a model that operates on 29.97 fps instead.

Prime-Line Products PL 7947 Storm Door Panel Clips with Screws (Pack of 8), 5/16

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These storm door clips are constructed from extruded aluminum with a mill finish. They are 3/8 In. and come with installation screws. This type storm door clip attaches storm windows or screen panels to storm door frame with thumbscrew.
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